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  • What a great weekend, and I think I can sum it up with one word – solitude.  WifeGeeding left for a while and visited her family in east Texas, which left me alone to work on some projects.   It’s not that I can’t do stuff when she’s here, but in a conversation I had with BibleScholarGeorge an epiphony hit me.  When WifeGeeding is around I often neglect to do chores and projects around the house because I feel like I’m neglecting her.  So it’s not that I’m lazy, I just want to make sure I’m giving her the proper amount of attention.  So now I’ve pointed out the problem, it’s time to work on a solution.
  • So when she was gone I actually cleaned and organized the garage, donated items to charity, steamed cleaned the carpet, stained the front door, trimmed OtherDogGeeding,  fertilized the lawn, organized a of paperwork, cleaned my car, and worked on a budget.  Oh, and atteneded Good Friday services at church by myself.  The solitude during all of these events were extremely peaceful.
  • WifeGeeding was nice enough to surprise me with a chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday, just like my mom use to.  I’m glad she is carrying on the tradition.
  • I remember visiting a Methodist church one Easter when I was about six years old, and during Sunday School the teacher told us that Jesus and his mother use to color eggs when he was young.  I’m thinking she made that up.
  • But that wasn’t the biggest surprise on Easter Sunday.  When we arrived at church and I stepped out of the car, next to my foot was a used condom – right there on the church parking lot.  Thankfully I parked there and not a minivan full of little children.
  • Lent is over, and we celebrated by eating at one of Dallas’ finest restaurants – III Forks.
  • We’ve eaten there probably about five times now over the past seven years, but this time we were seated in a room we’ve never dined in.  This room was decorated with large photographs from Life magazine, and one stood out – the picture of John and Jackie Kennedy right after they landed at Love Field in Dallas.  It was just kind of creepy looking at that photo, knowing what would happen just moments later.
  • I could not fall asleep Saturday night and caught another great HBO documentary – Thrilla in Manila.   As you can probably guess, it was about that legendary fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  I’m just too young to really appreciate Ali.  Heck, my first memory of the man was when he made an appearance on Diff’rent Strokes. But the documentary was great, and I highly recommend it.  Out of all things, it left me with a greater appreciation for Joe Frazier.
  • One of the most interesting parts of the documentary was about the referee.  Both sides couldn’t agree on a ref, so a local was selected.  Odd thing was, he was known better as an actor than a ref.
  • I also have no appreciation for The Masters.
  • And I never know when I should and shouldn’t capitalize ‘the’.
  • I think I just found the perfect Christmas present for SisterGeeding, it’s just gonna take a while to put it all together, and the best, it’s relatively inexpensive.
  • Stop calling me a homo
  • The whole pirate story in the news has been quite fascinating, and my ears perked up when I heard there was a Navy ship in the area called the U.S.S. Hailiburton, just like the company Dick Cheney is/was associated with.  But instead of jumping to any crazy conclusions I decided to actually research the ship and found that it’s actually called the U.S.S. Halyburton, and is named after Medal of Honor recipient William David Halyburton, Jr.
  • I’ll be driving to Abilene this Friday to help select a winner for a scholarship and meeting up with some of my oldest and best friends.  I may just end up being lucky enough to stay to hear one of my childhood friends preach.
  • The three hour drive to Abilene is worth it just to eat the BBQ.  Speaking of Abilene, ACU got a little recognition during the Masters.
  • I might just take a camera and make a photo essay.
  • When I tell people I lived in Abilene for a while, they always end up asking me if I attended ACU.
  • My friend Matt that I mentioned last week became a father on Good Friday.
  • KitKat Jesus?
  • I was shopping at Frys for some recordable CD’s and came across that As-Seen-On-TV product Smooth Away.  I picked up a box for WifeGeeding just for the heck of it.
  • I need to buy a new screen for our screen door.
  • Since a few of you have emailed me the story – yup, I’m disappointed in Rep Betty Brown.
  • Some women will feel better about their bra size.
  • It’s probably about time to buy a new hot water heater.  The one that’s currently in the garage has been there since the house was built, about 1996.  I’m thinking about going tankless.
  • I noticed the air filters look pretty dirty, so I guess it’s time to change them before the summer hits.
  • I learned a new Google trick, well, new to me.  If you need to know the score of a team, just type in team’s name.  For instance, Texas Rangers.
  • U2 concert tickets for the Dallas show in October go on sale this Tuesday.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker changed her hair and now has bangs.  Pic
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  1. Melissa says:

    i have to say it…that was just mean about SJP.

  2. DBLAZE says:

    you can also text Google (466453) and it will text you back scores, weather, directions, etc. Have fun

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