Bag of Randomness

  • Why doesn’t Texas fall into the ocean?  Because Oklahoma sucks.  It’s an old joke, but it still makes me laugh.
  • Wow, what a game.  It just adds to the greatness of this annual Dallas tradition.
  • Two nationally ranked teams that met on neutral ground . . . it was an early bowl game.
  • It’s always fun when the team you are rooting for is the underdog and they come out on top.
  • That Oklahoma punter deserves an Oscar.  So far I can’t find the video of his acting, but wow.
  • Officiating was sub par, but there was bad calls on both sides of the ball so it’s a wash.
  • Maybe one day I’ll actually go to a Texas-OU game.  Last year I was stuck in Boston, and not one freaking pub carried the game, I had to rely on the cell phone for updates.
  • I don’t think Texas should be ranked #1 as of now, but definitely in the top 5.  I think OU was ranked a little high for the past few weeks.  But all that is just my opinion.
  • I’m lucky to have some close friends.  A friend from the East Coast texted me during the game because he knew how much I enjoyed this event, and another friend called me the next day to see how much I enjoyed the win.
  • What a great football weekend for the Bob and Jordan Shipley – both were part of underdog teams that won.  Bob Shipley is the head football coach for Coppell High School (WifeGeeding teaches at a Coppell school) and his team beat the powerhouse that is Southlake Carroll.  His son plays for the University of Texas and had 225 all purpose yards and two touchdowns in the Texas win.
  • The Texas Band has a little fun with the ESPN College Day Game crew.  As they start to walk off the field they notice they are on live TV and start playing.  ESPN Video
  • Other losses that made me happy:  LSU, Missouri, Texas A&M.
  • I was watching 20/20 on Friday night (yup, those are the kind of exciting evenings the Geedings have) and all of a sudden there was a wolrd premiere video of Brittany Spears.  Seems kind of weird for a news magazine to do such a thing.
  • I always fall asleep with the TV on – God bless the sleep timer.  I only tell you this because I found this website a bit interesting.
  • While watching TV late Saturday nignt I noticed that the Phoenix Suns had an outdoor exhibition game.  As I kid, I always wanted to see NBA game played outside just to see the weather factor involved – everything from the sun being in their eyes as they take a shot or seeing how the wind would play a difference.
  • What ever happened to Hillary from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
  • Can opener?  Link [There’s a chance the page has been updated]
  • For the last week WifeGeeding has been suffering from laryngitis and has sounded like Fran Drescher.
  • After watching Iron Man last weekend, I was reminded that I always wanted to watch Chaplin, another Robert Downey Jr movie.  That guy is one heck of an actor, and not only was it a good movie to watch, but I it had a lot of stars in it like a pre-X-Files David Duchovny, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marissa Tomei, Kevin Kline, and Diane Lane among many others.
  • Sometimes after watching a biography movie, I like to do additional research on the character, and sometimes you find some weird stuff.  I was not aware that Chaplin’s corpse was stolen and held for ranson.  After it was recoverd it was buried under two meters of concrete to prevent such a crazy thing from happening again.
  • Chaplin’s last film appearance was a small cameo in the 1967 film A Countess From Hong Kong starring Marlon Brando and Sofia Loren that he directed, produced, and wrote.  Watch the cameo here and be disappointed.
  • I had to get on the roof again this weekend, which reminded me of these two posts from a while back.  Link and Link
  • Dog and hamster don’t get along.  Link
  • I finally restored my old laptop.  You may remember that I finished installing a new CD/DVD drive, but I still had the issue of the Ctrl button not working.  I found a “brand new” keyboard on eBay for $35, but when it arrived I found that even though it had a package sticker that made it appear that is was new and unopened, the keyboard showed minor wear and tear and a screw setting was so out of place I had to use pliers to bend it back into shape.  But the good news is the keyboard works better than the old one and it’s like I have a brand new laptop.  Total cost of self done repairs for parts cost me just around $100.
  • Back in July 2007  I made a post about the new Miss Texas.  Over the weekend someone “In the know” took exception to my post and it gave me a good chuckle.  Link
  • McCain being very classy.  Video
  • If Election Day was a national holiday, would voter turnout increase or would people be darting off on vacation?
  • If we can file our taxes online, should we be able to vote online?
  • I saw a new Pro-Cuts open in my neighborhood, I can’t tell you the last time I saw a Pro-Cuts.
  • The Cowboys special teams look baaaaad.  Don’t be surprised if Jerry wants to shake things up and fire the special teams coach and bring in former Cowboys specials teams coach Joe Avezzano.
  • Jerry has also stated he’s not interested in a WR, but with the lack of production lately I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen before the trade deadline.  Roy WIlliams from Detroit?
  • The Holy Church of Bacon Wiki.  Link
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  1. Doug says:

    There is nothing more fun than the people at mile marker 485 in Sanger TX who get up early on Sunday morning each year and give the Sooner Nation a ration of $%^& on their way back home. They have the smoker going, the beer is flowing. The trucks are backed up along the I35 fenceline. Their “TEXAS LONGHORNS” sign must be 50′ long and they have UT and Texas flags on every fence post. There are people painted completely in burnt orange and they hooped and hollared for hours as the traffic backed up for miles to get a load of the crazies. The Sooner fans mooned them and flipped them off.

    I saw them and had to stop. I joined in for a while. Next year I’m going back win or lose.

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