Miss Texas Crowned Last Night


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  • I prefer brunettes.
  • She won’t win Miss USA unless all the other states don’t have much to offer.  Hopefully she’s not a reader of this blog, which I highly doubt anyways.
  • Her teeth look a little too perfect.
  • She’s listed as a dancer.  That makes me want to make some kind of joke that being a dancer will come in handy sometime later when she is no longer Miss Texas.  Or maybe that was her backup plan to pay for school if the Miss Texas gig didn’t work out.  But I’m wayyy too mature to joke around like that and I’m totally aware that the dancing she performs must be of the ballet variety.
  • She attends Sam Houston State University.  This reminds me of a joke my dad once told me about the Sam Houston Institute of Technology, the ‘ol S.H.I.T.
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3 Responses to Miss Texas Crowned Last Night

  1. MG says:

    very carrie underwoodish………..

  2. Doug says:

    Too all the blondes out there…thumbs up! Keith has screwed up recently at home and is now blogging to get out of the doghouse. :->

  3. In the know... says:

    First of all, she can’t win Miss USA because she competed in the Miss America System. She placed in TOP TEN at Miss America and she danced a unique Broadway type number. She owns a dance school and has since the age of 15. She got married last month to a wealthy young man who is also a College Graduate like herself. Molly was a wonderful Miss Texas who visited with close to l0,000 Texas School children around the state. She traveled daily across Texas and encouraged students to Not Do Drugs and to Be Positive in their Thinkng and to have self respect.

    I don’t kow who you are, but you have your facts wrong.

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