An inspiring love story ends in divorce

The fairy tale goes like this: they are high-school sweethearts from a small town, Metamora, Illinois, in the American Midwest. He graduates from high school, becomes a US marine and is sent to Iraq. When he returns, they get engaged. He proposes before he leaves for his second tour. She is 18; he is 21. She can’t wait for him to come home.

The tour is cut short. A suicide bomber blows up near his truck and he suffers horrific, life-changing injuries.

A day later he is in San Antonio, Texas, at the Brooke Army Medical Center. She leaves her home town for the first time to fly there with his mother so they can be by his side. She is there for him. His injuries are severe. He will have numerous operations and she will stand by him throughout. It will be a year and a half before they all go home. In the meantime, she will move in with his mother. The homecoming is a triumph. He is a hero and she is his heroine. Their commitment to each other is inspiring and rock-solid. They get married. She is now 21 and he is 24. The wedding takes place on October 7, 2006, and that date is declared a state holiday. Renee and Tyler Ziegel Day. Their romance is covered by The Sunday Times Magazine. They plan to have a family. Love conquers all.

When I tell people that I am going to Illinois to do a follow-up story on Ty and Renee, they are curious. How are they doing?

A little over a year had passed. In January, they got divorced, I tell them. They react with shock and disbelief. What happened? There is more than curiosity in their voice, there is disappointment too. As though it’s personal.

As though they had been promised a happy ending and they were ripped off. It turns out love doesn’t conquer all. It’s a myth.

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2 Responses to An inspiring love story ends in divorce

  1. st. george says:

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  2. Alicia Mucciolo says:

    I hear every day that love does not always exist. But the truth is, love does exist, love doesn't always have t be between a man and a woman. Love is found in every corner of the world. In the deepest darkest crevice of our fears and hates love is there. Even if love is as tiny as a grain of sand, that grain of sand came from a huge rock somewhere. That grain of love came from a huge heart somewhere in the world. And if that tiny grain of love can come from that huge rock to the deepest part of the world, that love can travel to every part of the world. We just have to be open to the opportunities that life throws as us. And if we give up on love or on live that just means we couldn't handle what it means to be able tp love. We are just loves humble servants in this big world.

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