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Watching A Great Sports History Moment

Watching Josh Hamilton in the Home Run Durby was just surreal. It’s amazing to see a Texas Ranger have fans at Yankee Stadium along with the other All Stars chant his name.

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An inspiring love story ends in divorce

The fairy tale goes like this: they are high-school sweethearts from a small town, Metamora, Illinois, in the American Midwest. He graduates from high school, becomes a US marine and is sent to Iraq. When he returns, they get engaged. … Continue reading

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A Week At The Gym

During lunch one of my friends mentioned he was going to start a workout program, which got me to thinking about one of the funniest email forwards I have ever read.  It’s posted after the jump, and fair warning, there … Continue reading

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Mormon missionary calendar-maker excommunicated

SALT LAKE CITY – The creator of a calendar that featured shirtless Mormon missionaries was excommunicated Sunday after a disciplinary meeting with local church leaders in Las Vegas. Chad Hardy said he bears no ill will toward the council of … Continue reading

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Sea Water 20x Zoom – Eye of Needle

Photo by Peter Parks Imagequestmarine.com Witney, Oxon, United Kingdom Link

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Hollywood Muppets

More from TMZ

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Russian Taxi Service

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Efficient Parenting

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