Tempting Picture of the Day

A distance runner finishes a race despite all odds.

Do not even think about clicking on the link of you have a weak stomach or are offended by bodily functions.


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6 Responses to Tempting Picture of the Day

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’ve seen this; and I can’t believe it’s not a joke or something. There is no way someone in their right mind would do something like this.

  2. Darren says:

    Worse case of the runs I’ve ever seen!
    Looks like it was chili (sic) that day!

  3. dan says:

    doctors recommend diet and exercise

  4. Blah says:

    It’s pretty common for runners to piss themselves while running. The main reason for this is, once you stop, it is so hard to get going again, so they’d rather soil themselves than stop.

  5. blurdo says:

    That’s some pretty serious commitment.

  6. Shawn Wilson says:

    dude, that is totally gross. I stopped doing that like 26 years ago…..come on man. Just walk behind a Bush or something…..no pun intended.

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