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I like this idea . .

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (CNN) — Sen. John McCain on Wednesday challenged Sen. Barack Obama to join him for a series of 10 town-hall debates. Calling for “no process questions from reporters” and “no spin rooms,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee … Continue reading

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Fast Food Feed Bags

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

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When mooning goes wrong

UTRECHT, Netherlands – Utrecht police say a 21-year-old Dutch man is recovering after a “mooning” that went horribly wrong. A police statement says the man and two others had run down a street in Utrecht with their pants pulled down … Continue reading

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Drunken-Driving Dramatization Death Hoax

OCEANSIDE – It was an elaborate hoax, but 36 students at El Camino High pulled it off with potentially life-saving consequences. The result was a soberingly realistic dramatization about the dangers of drinking and driving, delivered with surprising professionalism. Many … Continue reading

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