Superintendent Rips Up Diplomas

Clayton County’s interim superintendent has scrapped every graduating senior’s diploma, because his name is not on them.

John Thompson, who has been on the job less than a month, said on Saturday that for a graduate’s diploma to be truly accurate, his name needs to be on it.”The superintendent has to sign the master list to send to the state Department (of Education), that verifies that these students have fulfilled all requirements,” Thompson said Saturday.It could take graduates more than two weeks to get their diplomas.

The printer, Herff Jones, has agreed to shoulder the $80,000 reprinting cost.

“Why? Because it’s the right thing to do,” said Herff Jones spokesman Rick Schewsbury.

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One Response to Superintendent Rips Up Diplomas

  1. blurdo says:

    I live about 30 miles from Clayton county and I think I should add some background. This is not this mans fault. The Clayton county schools have been run by a bunch of crazy nuts for the past few years. They are about and inch from losing their accreditation (which would be way worse than waiting a few weeks for diplomas.) The new superintendent was brought in recently after the school board resisted it for a long time.

    A few months ago, they were debating the accreditation problem and the main topic was the property values. REALLY??? Maybe you should consider the fact that you are not adequately educating your children….

    stepping off the soap box.

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