Spiritual Water

Spiritual Water was born as bottled water with spirituality, positive thinking, prayers, God, and beliefs. You choose which bottle fits your needs and your feelings, read the prayer, drink the water, believe in God – and in yourself – and the sky’s the limit.

Spiritual Water features beautifully rendered artistic labels that depictions of full-colored images of holy persons or symbols, with prayers in English and Spanish and/or inspirational words and messages. The Spiritual Water comes in 10 different versions – each with its own uniquely paired message and image. Each time you drink Spiritual Water you benefit from the soothing, appropriate prayers, for added uplifting inspiration.

In every Spiritual Water bottle there are three good causes…
First, those who drink it feel uplifted and think positive, spiritual thoughts, knowing that God is with them. Second, they stay healthy by drinking more water (8 cups a day is recommended), and last put not least, they support children in need through The Spiritual Foundation



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