Random Jason Garrett Thought

0912garrett.jpgUnfortunately for Dallas, Jason Garrett is going to be a very hot commodity after this season.  My guess is that he’ll end up in Atlanta and team up with their defensive coordinator and former Dallas coach Mike Zimmer.

I don’t mean to slight Wade Phillips, but I think the majority of the team’s success this season is because of Garrett. 

Hopefully Garrett will be one of those assistants that’s just happy being back and Dallas and stays here until Phillips steps down or leaves.

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One Response to Random Jason Garrett Thought

  1. Doug says:

    I agree the Jason is an outstanding coach and will become a coveted commodity. But I think our talent level on offense is excellent and if he loads up the truck and moves to ATL he will find the road extremely tough. And whoever replaces him will hopefully look like a genius.

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