NFL Week 13 Recap

Why do I even bother continuing posting my results?  Urghh.  This week I was 8/16, which puts me 119/192 or 62%, one point lower than last week.

Packers at Cowboys – Correct
Chargers at Chiefs – Correct
Falcons at Rams – Correct 
Texans at Titans – Correct
Bills at Redskins – Incorrect
Jets at Dolphins – Incorrect
Lions at Vikings – Correct
Jaguars at Colts – Correct
Seahawks at Eagles – Incorrect
49ers at Panthers – Incorrect
Broncos at Raiders – Incorrect
Browns at Cardinals- Incorrect
Buccaneers at Saints – Incorrect
Giants at Bears – Incorrect
Bengals at Steelers – Correct
Patriots at Ravens – Correct

And the season is coming to a quick and and it appears I’m not going to catch CowboysHomer, and if I’m not careful, loserville will overtake second place.


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  1. Doug says:

    The Sleestaks only want to now beat his colleague, RagaMuffin.

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