Kitchen Myths

We’ve all heard of urban legends, those plausible sounding but false stories that circulate so widely on email and news groups, such as the old lady who microwaved her cat or the Nieman-Marcus $250 cookie recipe. There are several web sites devoted to researching and exposing these fake stories. The same sort of thing happens in the world of food and cooking, although on a much smaller scale. This page is my answer.How do I know these are myths? Why should you believe me over someone who says that something I call a myth is in fact true? I can’t answer that question for you but I can say that all of the information on this page has been carefully researched. I do not claim that something is true or false just because I heard it somewhere or because it seems to “makes sense.” I require that something be backed by a credible source (the key word here is “credible”) and/or that it be in accord with accepted scientific knowledge (I am a scientist by training). In most cases this is also backed up by my personal experience. I certainly do not claim to be infallible but I do try hard to present accurate, verifiable information.


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