Karl Rove advising Obama

Indirectly, I guess.  Rove wrote a piece in the Financial Times and addressed it to Obama.  I wonder if the guy just misses the process or is up to something, who knows?  Love him or hate him, Rove does have a pretty smart noggin.



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2 Responses to Karl Rove advising Obama

  1. bpat says:

    Do what he says or he will orchestrate a way to say your wife is a CIA agent

  2. mzchief says:

    Rove makes SEVERAL excellent observations and provides EXCELLENT solutions. What a shame most politicians only point out the shortcomings of their opponents or the problems in the United States by RARELY offer solutions.

    Just like Hillary CLAIMING to have a comprehensive CUMPULSORY NATIONAL health-care plan for EVERY American and has NOT provided ANY specifics of her PLAN. Hmmmmmm…People are expected to BELIEVE Hillary has been a New York Senator for SEVEN years and has NOT been able to propose a VIABLE health-care plan for the citizens of New York BUT suddenly she has one for EVERYONE in the United States. Sounds like Kerry and his CLAIM to know what to do with Iraq and would tell the American public the particulars WHEN he was elected. Kerry was NOT elected and has NEVER disclosed the specifics of his plan for Iraq.

    Bravo to Rove for offering SOLUTIONS to PROBLEMS.

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