I’ll Do Anything For a Million Dollars!

ericduncan1_9135.jpgWell what can I say? I want a million dollars and God knows I am not going to make that on my own.

So I’m asking you, whomever you may be, to put up the cash.

What will I do for it?? Anything! That’s right anything but these 3 Rules:

1. I will not do anything to cause permanent disfigurement to myself or others.

2. I will abide by the laws of the country the acts are held.

3. I will not cause harm, be it Physical or Mental to any other living creature or human.

Why Do I want to do this!? Well, it’s simple! For a Million dollars of course! I could buy a house, pay off my debt, buy a round at the bar, invest it, help the people who have helped me… whatever! Doesn’t matter, I just want a million.

Do I work? Yes. But come on people, how many of you are up to your knees in debt!!! I’m tired of it!

I’m a regular guy like you, your neighbor but you can call me Eric, or THE WAF


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