I was not aware . . .

scottx.jpgThat Stuart Scott has cancer.  He’s in WifeGeeding’s One-Eyed Hall of Fame.

The guy annoys me a bit and I really can’t stand his very politically correct chat sessions that are in ESPN the Magazine, but I certainly don’t like the idea that he now has cancer.  Thankfully it was caught early. 

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has been diagnosed with a malignancy in his appendix and plans to begin chemotherapy.

The malignancy was discovered when he had emergency appendectomy surgery on Nov. 26. He had a second surgery to remove surrounding tissue.

A statement Thursday from ESPN said Scott’s physicians “are confident they eliminated the cancerous tissue but have prescribed preventative chemotherapy.”

Scott will return to on-air studio work on ESPN’s NBA doubleheader Friday and will debut as ABC’s NBA studio host on Christmas Day. If needed, ESPN’s Mark Jones would sub for Scott.

Says Scott, in a statement: “Talk about a shocker … But I’m not the type of guy to let this eat up my life.”

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  1. WTF? says:

    This is the 2nd person in 6 months that I have heard has appendix cancer. Who would of thought that little thing appendage getting cancer. The 1st person’s also was caught when she had her appendix removed.

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