For my fellow 1310 AM KTCK The Ticket listeners

Here’s the lineup for the White Elephant Day on Dec 12.

Producer: Danny
Hosts: Bobo, Norm
Yuk Monkey: Dick Hicks

Producer: Fernando
Host: Rhyner

Producer: Freedo
Hosts: Donnie, Georgio
Yuk Monkey: Ty Walker

Producer: Gribble
Hosts: Corbie, Dan
Yuk Monkey: Craig

As for Tickers, it looks like Sean Bass has the morning, Craig Miller has mid-day, and Gordon Keith has afternoon drive. 

I really enjoyed this over the past two years, especially the tickers.  Donovan did a fantastic job last year, and it was fun listening to Greggo the year before that getting frustrated trying to get the tickers right.  Speaking of Greggo, I thought the Hardline was going to give us more info on him this week, but I haven’t heard anything from them as of yet.  All I know about Greggo is what I read by the local online publications.

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3 Responses to For my fellow 1310 AM KTCK The Ticket listeners

  1. Nathan S. says:

    For the life of me, I do not understand how the ticket has double the listeners of ESPN. I’m an ESPN faithful, and only recently have been tuning in to the ticket from 2-3 while that squawk box Steven A. Smith is on. I don’t get why so many people listen to it.

  2. towski says:

    Because it’s funny. Duh.


  3. bigtexastom says:

    I love fellow P1s. There is just an instant bond. Its what brought me to this awesome site (via my leader Bob).

    Thanks for posting the schedule Geeding, I didn’t get to hear it this week.

    I appreciate ya, I really appreciate ya.

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