Enjoy Wings, Bible Study at Hooter’s

hootersimage.jpgWe’ll furnish the hot wings. You just show up, says the Rev. Tom Sharron. Beginning Thursday, Destin United Methodist Church will offer “Hot Wings Bible Study” at the Hooter’s Restaurant in Destin, an establishment known across the country for its scantily clad waitresses and hot wings.

“It’s a study for people who haven’t studied the Bible a whole lot. It will be beginner’s style,” said Sharron, the assistant pastor at the Methodist church one of bringing the gospel Destin’s largest, to the marketplace.

Knowledge of a similar program at a Hooter’s franchise in Montgomery inspired Senior Pastor Ken Taylor to offer the service to Destin.

“The idea is to take the gospel to the marketplace, where the people are,” Taylor said.

He recently approached Hooter’s owner Stewart Houston, a fellow Rotarian and member of Destin United Methodist Church, with the idea. It was pleasantly received.

“We’ve been a member of the community for about 14 years now,” Houston said. “So anytime someone from the community approaches us and asks us to help with something, we’re always happy to do what we can.”

The Bible studies will begin at 11 a.m. each Thursday on the outdoor deck at Hooters, weather permitting. Everyone is welcome to attend, and wings will be served.

Taylor will lead the first study.

This is just one of the many outreach services Destin United Methodist Church has planned as it “takes the gospel to the marketplace.” Taylor plans to expand and soon offer regular Bible studies on a Destin fishing boat.

“It’s for the fishermen who work all day and can’t come to church on Sundays,” he said.

As the program expands, another dream of Taylor’s is to one day launch a pontoon barge at Crab Island for conducting Bible services.


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