Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey

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4 Responses to Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey

  1. Jamie Weaver says:

    That is awesome. I love that song and now i have a video to go with it. Thanks for an early christmas present

  2. moldishappy says:

    this is THE Christmas song for those of us blessed enough to be Italian. I moved to Texas 13 years ago and have never heard it down here, I usually have to head back to New Jersey during the holidays to hear it played by one of the NYC radio stations…ahh the memories come flooding back with this song!

    Buon Natale

  3. Nathan S. says:

    .. um.. This was my first time to ever hear this song.

  4. Shae says:

    Living in NJ, I hear this song at least once a day at Christmas. Surprisingly, it never ever gets old.

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