Christvertising is a network of communication specialists and advertising professionals which helps you navigate through the maze that is the world of competitive brands. If you like your product, so do we, but more importantly, so does God… May God bless your Brand.



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  1. Micah Edmundson says:

    Fantastic recommendation. I have been looking for Christ positive advertising for years. We are a mid century modern furniture company located in Los Angeles, which is a heavily heathened city. Therefore, it is quite difficult to locate God and/or Christ supportive advertising groups who are normally the most heathen of the Angelenos, another ironic name for the inhabitants of this city. Alas, I am trying to contact this company, as I feel they have finally found the solution for making uncomfortable Danish designed furniture appealing for believers who are fed up with atheist yuppies influencing the way in which they choose to lounge in the presence of our Holy Father.


    Leviticus 18:22-30 “And let all men have comfort where they shall place that which bore them such pain from the boils that bled dry”

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