Another BET show I might need to check out – Hell Date

helldatedevilfaafsd.jpgI’ve been hearing people talk about this show quite a bit as of late.  It’s a spin off those dating shows like Blind Date.  Here’s the premise, an unsuspecting person thinks he or she is going to be on one of these shows and agrees to have the date taped, but everyone else is on the secret that the date is staged to be the date from Hell.  The person that he or she may be dating may pass gass, talk about very strange stuff, hit on the wait staff, etc.  And then when things get just about out of hand, a male midget (or little person, I forget what is PC) dressed in a red devil costume comes out, pokes the unsuspecting person with his pitchfork, and reveals that the whole thing is a setup.

It comes on weekdays at 3 PM (ET/PT).  Link

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