10 Year-Old Girl charged, brings knife to school to cut steak

Marion County school officials say they seized a 4-1/2 inch steak knife from a 10-year-old student. She was using the knife to cut her steak.She is facing a felony charge of bringing a weapon to school.

School employees at Sunrise Elementary School told Marion County sheriff’s deputies the girl was eating lunch and using the knife to cut her steak when she was spotted by two school officials. They took the knife away from her.

The sheriff’s office says the student told deputies she brought the knife to school so she could use it for her lunch.

Several students told the deputy the girl never tried to hurt or threatened anyone with the knife. The girl was arrested on the felony charge and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Kevin Christian, spokesman for Marion County Public Schools, says the district : “has zero tolerance for weapons on school grounds.”


I’m not sure what surprises me more, that steak is being served in school (other than salisbury of course) or that a 10 year-old girl was actually charged.

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