Closed Until Monday – 5 Word Collaborative Story Filling In


I’m on vacation until Monday, which is when regular blogging will commence.

In the meantime, lets open up the BON 5 Words Collaborative Story Game again.

The Rules:

I start off creating a sentence with five words.

Each comment should contain exactly five words, and those five words should help to build a collaborative story.  Feel free to throw punctuation anywhere you desire.

Post any number of comments you wish, just don’t post two comments in a row.

And a new rule . . .

If there is a violation of any of the rules, just ignore the comment in which the rule is broken and I’ll delete it sometime later.

So let’s begin . . .

Keith found a deadly spider . . .

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75 Responses to Closed Until Monday – 5 Word Collaborative Story Filling In

  1. Jamie says:

    you can afford them Keith

  2. babooo says:

    Keith was still hesitant to

  3. paul says:

    slay hundreds of evil midgets.

  4. bpat says:

    Despite the odds against him

  5. Warren says:

    and the secret elixir he

  6. paul says:

    drank before wetting his pants.

  7. chris says:

    He collected into a bottle

  8. Warren says:

    He gathered his pants & bottle

  9. paul says:

    and began the midget slaughter/

  10. Warren says:

    Bono was not all pleased

  11. paul says:

    because he wet his pants.

  12. Bella says:

    so he got bush’s “Depends”

  13. J. J. says:

    WifeGeeding thought Keith looked funny.

  14. moldintexas says:

    Then, in a sudden twist

  15. Warren says:

    an elephant entered the room

  16. sistergeeding says:

    and interceded an impending flatulent.

  17. paul says:

    The evil midgets were trampled!

  18. Warren says:

    Keith put the midgets into

  19. paul says:

    tupperware so they’d stay fresh.

  20. Warren says:

    What’s in the tupperware, asked

  21. noevadeaux says:

    the big elephant while he

  22. Warren says:

    spun three plates on his

  23. SimplyMe says:

    rather large but very unique

  24. Warren says:

    (I’m not touching this one)

  25. Bella says:

    (I second that also, Warren)

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