World Sauna Championships

sauna3.jpegAugust is the time, and Heinola in Finland is the place for the world’s hottest summer event. The Sauna World Championships gathers every year men and women from all over the world to try their best in a 110ºC hot sauna.

As many as 80 participants from 16 different nationalities as distant as Kazakstan and South Korea attend this growingly popular competition in southern Finland. Over 3,000 spectators witness live the the Championship in Heinola and several TV channels from Sweden to China broadcasted the world’s hottest event. The Sauna World Championships are also open for betting on-line with sports bookmakers Centrebet.

Every competitor takes part in the competition at their own risk. The Sauna temperature to fight against is 110ºC, with half a liter of water thrown on the stove every 30 seconds to increase the steaming heat effect. Competitors have to sit in the Sauna with buttocks and thighs on the seat. Posture must be erect; elbows must stay on the knees and arms have to be in an upright position. Touching skin with hands or disturbing the other competitors is strictly forbidden. The competitor will have to leave the Sauna without outside help, otherwise the he/she will be disqualified. The last person to get out of the Sauna will be the World Sauna Champion.


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