World Famous Photos With Explanations

Check it out here.

This photo always grabs my attention, as well as the burning monk.


Born Twice

An experimental – and controversial – procedure for treating a crippling birth defect in the womb offered Trish and Mike Switzer the only chance that their daughter would walk like other children. But the fetal surgery posed a fatal dilemma: Their baby could die before she was born.

Photographer Max Aguilera saiud about this photo: “During a spina bifida corrective procedure at twenty-one weeks in utero, Samuel thrusts his tiny hand out of the surgical opening of his mother’s uterus. As the doctor lifts his hand, Samuel reacts to the touch and squeezes the doctor’s finger. As if testing for strength, the doctor shakes the tiny fist. Samuel held firm. At that moment, I took this “Fetal Hand Grasp” photo.

As a photojournalist, my job is to tell stories through pictures. The experience of taking this photograph has had a profound effect on me, and I’m proud to share this moment with you”

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7 Responses to World Famous Photos With Explanations

  1. bsg says:

    Loved this post. The one of Ali is great and was the subject of an HBO documentary called “The Greatest Sports Photographs.” Ali held that pose for a split second and backed away. And the nation’s most renowned photographer, who had first choice of where he would sit, can be seen between Ali’s legs looking hopeless.

  2. joanie says:

    Wow the miracle of life…What an amazing picture!!!

  3. Natalia says:

    I absolutly love this photograph..its so expressive!

  4. Bronwen Frost says:

    The healing power of touch.

  5. Julie says:

    Makes you think twice about abortion it’s amazing.

  6. C.J. Silver says:

    T'is a beautful shot.

    The colors, the shadows, the light . . .


    It is a very though provoking photo.

    You were very fortunate to be there to take it.

  7. MATT says:

    What? that can't be real!!!

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