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Christians Watching Rated R Movies According to ChristiaNet Poll

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ —, the world’s largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, asked participants in a recent poll, “How often do you watch rated R movies?” Out of 649 Christians polled, 61% responded that they “never” watch rated R movies. As one participant said, “I’m not interested in anything that does not honor God.” According to Bill Cooper, President of ChristiaNet, “I’m encouraged that the vast majority of Christians seek to put God first when making entertainment choices.”

rate_movie_r.gifTop reasons why the majority of Christians polled don’t watch rated R movies can be divided into three categories. Many Believers feel watching such shows is not Christ-like. As a Christian they believe they should be glorifying God with their time and talents. While others say these types of entertainment just don’t interest them. Finally, some Christians believe that watching rated R movies would fill their minds with bad images that are tempting and eventually lead to sin.

Eighteen percent of those polled, actively view rated R movies every month. Even though this is the smallest group, this number is too high in a Christian Worldview. Reasons for the frequency of watching such shows include boredom, watching rated R movies purely for the entertainment value or they like action movies that get the R rating for violence.

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So how do you fix this ‘problem’?

To combat the moral decline within the Church, ChristiaNet has just released a series of Free Entertainment Tracts. Using the latest interactive ecard technology, ChristiaNet has made it simple to share these funny yet serious ecards with friends and family.


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