Snakehead Found In Green Beans Can

A local family had a disturbing discovery at its dinner table Wednesday night.

Earl Hartman, of South Philadelphia, said it started at a Pathmark supermarket store with a can of green beans and ended in his kitchen.

“I’ll never eat green beans again, I’ll tell you that,” Hartman said.

Hartman said he found it between the chicken breast and buttered noodles he was serving for dinner Wednesday night and that it came out of the green beans can.

“When I sat down, I noticed something didn’t look right. It didn’t loot like a green bean,” he said.

Hartman said he called the Pathmark where he bought the beans and Thursday received a call from Seneca Foods in upstate New York, where the vegetables were canned.

“The company said that they have an automated sorting and sometimes things like this happen. I asked about the rest of the body and he told me that it was probably kicked out by the sorter, but they’re not sure,” he said.

Hartman said he doesn’t intend to sue and said that Seneca Foods told him it is sending him some sort of container to ship the snakehead back to them so they can investigate.



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