Ruth Graham Thoughts

– I simply cannot imagine speaking what it must be like to speak at your spouse’s funeral.  I found this quote very touching.

“I wish you could look in that casket because she’s so beautiful,” said Graham, clinging to his walker. “She was a wonderful woman.”  Link

This part also made me smile:

“God bless all these grandchildren. Some of them I haven’t seen in a long time. Some of them I’ve never seen,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience. “Lots of love to everyone, and thank you.”

– I read that she requested to stop having nutrients placed in her feeding tube several days before her passing.  I think even though the world doesn’t like to admit this, that is just another form of assisted suicide. Link

–  She married a Baptist preacher, but she remained a lifelong Presbyterian.  I have actually run into people that told me when people of two different Christian denominations wed, God will not bless the marriage since the couple is not equally yoked.

– Her coffin was built by inmates at Lousiana State Penitentiary.

– Billy is not far behind, and I bet he can’t wait.

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  1. E Farleigh says:

    Can you really view this as “assisted suicide” when this lovely woman has lived 87 years and been bed-ridden for years with suffering and pain no one know except she herself. Perhaps God whispered to her that it was time to come Home and she decided to listen and give up the few nutrients that were barely keeping her alive. remember 100 years ago or more she would have already been in Heaven prior to this age. I for one do not consider it assisted suicide. I had a sister on complete life support at age 26 after a serious cardiac event after which there was no hope and she had no brain activity and barely a blood pressure – she was removed from the life support and it was heart-wrenching but we did not view it as assisted suicide or in her case assisted death because she could not give consent as Ruth Graham had. Please reconsider prayerfully your statement and judgement – you never know when this same situation could face you or one close to you. Life is so fragile and we are all but a heartbeat away from eternity. Let us not be so harsh to judge what may not have been a hopeful situation. For the believer death is the beginning – Praise God!

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