Officially no longer Baptist

I just had my first beer, a Rolling Rock.

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12 Responses to Officially no longer Baptist

  1. warren says:

    sorry it was a rolling rock. shoulda been a shiner.

  2. Darren says:

    That depends on if any other Baptists saw you!

  3. Shawn Wilson says:

    Welcome to the dark side……..or the side that Jesus was on because didn’t Jesus drink wine and then when it ran out make more out of water?

  4. noevadeaux says:

    Shoulda been a Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the “Best Beer in America”.

    (Warren, Shiner ain’t Shiner anymore since they were bought out by them damned Yankees. Unless you get it directly in Shiner, Texas from the brewery. You typically won’t find it in your local convenience store outside a certain radius from the town. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live close by.)

    Rolling Rock isn’t bad. Thank goodness your beer baptism wasn’t with Bud/Bud Light/Keystone/Miller Lite/etc. You’d never want to drink again.

    Bwwwwaaahhhhhhh………beer arrogance on BON! Never thought I’d see the day.

  5. Nathan Hart says:

    Guys: Yeungling, Stella Artois, Guinness… those are beers worth drinking. But if we’re talking about “best” beers, then Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout wins hands down. Here in Manhattan it’s $7/bottle at the grocery store, so it’s a rare treat.

  6. stephen wulf says:

    should have had a guiness!

  7. When Judge NAMELESS was chairman of the board of trustees of BU (in the 60’s & 70’s), he would order a Baptist tea when he lunched with his friends at The Chef Restaurant. Baptist tea is a disgused beer served in colored glass, with a slice of lemon. At that time Waco was dry, so I guess the chef kept a keg in the back for his favorite baptists.

  8. Doug says:

    Every beer nerd knows the best beet comes from Belgium. Sam Smith oatmeal stout…so so. American beers including Shiner, Sam Adams and watererdown Yengling..marginal to weak at bast. Try the Chimay Grand Reserve or the impossible to find Westvleteren 12 Yellow Cap if you want true genius. Only a monk (or someone close to God) could create those.

  9. Andy says:

    Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout is great. Thank goodness it isn’ that much here in MN.

  10. Cajun Pastor says:

    As a pastor, I can speak directly to this subject. Doug wins the prize for beer knowledge. The best beer does come from Belgium, and Chimay Grand Reserve is a fantastic choice. Also try Maredsous if you like a dark beer that is not stout. I’m a big fan of Newcastle, Pyramid, and many of the New Belgium brews (Fat Tire, etc.). Anyway, glad to hear that Geeding has finally partaken of one of God’s good gifts!!

  11. haymoose says:

    Nothing like beer talk to stir up comments! My first beer (Guinness) was in 1992 at a great place in Denver called Duffy’s Shamrock Restaurant downtown. My friend Carlton & I went there one our first weekend pass from Army training there at Lowrey AFB. It was awesome, I think the taste was much more gratifying due to the high altitute since when I returned to sea level the flavor just was not the same. Am I crazy? Anyhow, drinking beer is not a regular thing for me but I always have a few cans of the stout in the fridge out in the garage. It reminds me of a simpler time. Your first mistake, Geeding, was the Rolling Rock. Like Guinness, it is an aquired taste (like all beer.) If you ever get the inclining again, try an Oatmeal Stout that is microbrewed locally! Then research why it is called Oatmeal stout.


  12. moldintexas says:

    I’m crying…nay, weeping in worship…of pride in my fellow beer savoring BON readers. I concur with Cajun Pastor…not because he bought me my most recent sampling, but because of the finely crafted palate that has been much educated over the years. However, as a oft-quencher, I do love me some of the nations oldest…Yuengling. She’s a fine everyday drink. Other than that…I’m a Guiness…and a Jameson! Although I once knocked my lacrosse coach on his @$$ for a Rolling Rock…it was worth it as a freshman.

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