Mayberry Bible Study Series

mayberrys180×360.jpegPlease join Lanier United Methodist Church for a unique bible study series, Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30pm.  Using episodes of the Andy Griffith show, we will revisit the lessons we have learned from our past and how they relate to God’s word still today.  Bring your family and plan for an enjoyable evening together watching television at its finiest and learning about life, according to Mayberry.

If you are familiar with the series, it is not hard to think of an episode that portrayed a specific moral value. For example, Andy on Trial shows us the value of friendship and how easy it is to put our friendships at risk when we are concerned with exalting ourselves. The episode Opie the Birdman shows us the importance of taking responsibility for our actions, and how just saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t automatically fix everything. Mr. McBeevee gives us a very pointed lesson about trusting in one another and having faith, even when the evidence suggests otherwise. These examples and many more can be found throughout the series. In this day in age, it is refreshing to see these basic ideals brought forth in such a practical way.

Lanier UMC is located on GA 20 (Buford Hwy), 3 miles east of GA 400 at Exit 14.


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3 Responses to Mayberry Bible Study Series

  1. SimplyMe says:

    Actually my daughter has attended one such Bible Study… about letting go of your past relationships and moving on. And found it to be very thoughtful and fitting! Love your blog btw!

  2. MToots says:

    These are great to use as family time studies. But then, any mother worth her salt would take a t.v. episode and make a Sunday School lesson out of it. At least MINE would!

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