Man’s Wallet Found After 43 Years

A man who lost his wallet 43 years ago has gotten it back, with his old charge cards, dusty photographs and birth certificate still inside. Construction workers renovating a movie theater discovered Epigmenio Sanchez’s billfold on Friday jammed between the metal casings of a radiator. He lost it in 1964.

“I remember losing it,” said Epigmenio Sanchez, 70, of Brawley. “I just don’t remember where.”

Between the folds of crumbling brown leather were fragments of his past: a few family pictures, old pay stubs and a couple of department store charge cards. His birth certificate, which Sanchez carried when he went to Mexico to prove he was a U.S. citizen, was also there.

The only thing not in the wallet was money – but Sanchez said he can’t remember whether he had any cash on him when the wallet went missing at the Crest Theater.

The theater has been vacant for years and is being converted into a concert venue. Workers found the wallet after sawing apart a radiator to lift it out.


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  1. Margaret says:

    now that is a crazy story…. will anyone find some of mine???

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