Lots of movie remakes this summer

Variety magazine reported recently that out of 46 studio movies scheduled for wide release this summer, almost half are sequels or remakes. (And that’s without “disguised” remakes, such as the hit thriller Disturbia, which rehashes Rear Window, or the current Are We Done Yet?, which is really a third version of Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House).

For cinemagoers in their 30s or older, the deja vu is about to become even more intense. Some of the titles coming soon, yet again, to a cinema near you date from the 1970s or earlier – The Taking of Pelham One Two Three starts shooting later this year, with new versions of The Women, Bunny Lake Is Missing, Barbarella, The Heartbreak Kid, The Birds and Don’t Look Now in the offing.

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of remakes, that’s because we have not mentioned the new versions of All of Me (with Queen Latifah in the Lily Tomlin role), Clash of the Titans, Creepshow, Dressed to Kill, The Entity, The Evil Dead, Fame, The Fly (itself a remake), Hellraiser, The Long Good Friday (transposed to the US), Near Dark, Piranha, Scanners, Short Circuit, The Star Chamber, Taps and Tony Scott’s LA-set revamp of that quintessential New York movie, The Warriors.

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