Irony in her last name, but that’s not what is important

CHATSWORTH – In need of grace, Keri Humble walked into The Church at Rocky Peak one Sunday and received the recognition that shamed her.

“I love your show on the Playboy Channel,” a door greeter told her, referring to “Spice Hotel.”

There are many lifestyles born-again Christians can leave behind and begin with a clean slate. Porn star is not one of them.

“Once you do it, you are putting a permanent black fingerprint on your life that is going to follow you the rest of your life,” Humble said. “You can’t take it back: It’s on film.”

Every church pastor in America deals with porn’s effect on their flock. But in the San Fernando Valley – the heart of the adult-film industry – ministers and churchgoers also must mend the fractured souls of people like Humble.

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One Response to Irony in her last name, but that’s not what is important

  1. I know two women, one a former stripper and adult booking agent, the other a former prostitute. The first helps women heal from sexual brokenness. The second may soon. Her story has already helped many.

    God can use all things, even “permanent black fingerprints”. I pray for Ms. Humble that she can let God take the place of her deepest shame and make it into a means of grace both for her and others.

    As a recovering porn addict, I apologize to Keri. I’m sorry for the wreckage I (along with many others) caused.


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