I don’t know much about Ron Paul

But the blogging world loves this guy. Everyday I read something new about this guy in my little blogging world.

I finally got to hear him speak and actually see what he looks like since he was on the Daily Show last night.

Quite an intriguing presidential candidate.  I wish more people would speak from the heart. It would be interesting to see him get the GOP nod, but I think he doesn’t have the financial resources and everyone is probably tired of a Texan ruining running things.

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2 Responses to I don’t know much about Ron Paul

  1. WillyPete says:

    Hey thanks for posting the video of Ron and Jon. I’m glad that you find Dr. Paul a pleasing guy. He had a recent May appearance on Real Time w/ Bill Maher that went quite well, check it out if you have yet to see it.

    He is doing better in the money race than a lot of folks would like to give him credit for. No, he doesn’t have near the cash of the top players, but he was 5th for the Republicans in fundraising BEFORE his boost in popularity from the debates. His campaign recently said that donors increased fourfold since the last Fox debate clash with Rudy and his Sportsbook odds recently dropped from 200:1 down to 15:1 to win the whole thing. He also gets well over 90% of his contributions from individuals, always has.

    Thanks again for posting the vid.

  2. Dan says:

    Dr. Paul is a very interesting candidate and once you hear him speak he makes a lot of sense; certainly more than Rudy [who according to The Onion is running for President of 9/11]. He is the closest thing to an Independent running for president that you are going to get. Let’s hope that he can at least shape the election if he can’t win it.

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