Husband Wakes Up After 19 Years In Coma

13436065_240×180.jpegWARSAW, Poland — The last time Jan Grzebski was able to walk and talk, Ronald Reagan was president, the Dodgers won the World Series, and Poland was communist.

The Polish railway worker was hit by a train in 1988 and fell into a coma. Doctors also found cancer in his brain and said he wouldn’t live much longer.

But, 19 years later, he is not only still alive — he has come out of his coma.

The 65-year-old credits his wife’s round-the-clock care. When doctors could do no more, Gertruda took him home and cared for him. She admits it wasn’t easy — but she believed he would recover.

She told a Polish newspaper she would “fly into a rage every time someone would say that people like him should be euthanized, so they don’t suffer.”

Last year, she noticed that he was trying to speak. He went back to the hospital, and emerged from the coma about two months ago.


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