He’s called a Pangolin



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8 Responses to He’s called a Pangolin

  1. Heather says:

    I believe I saw an article on these little guys and other rare animals and how they’re still delicacies in restaurants in Asia. Mmm!

  2. Ari says:

    Figures…the way they treat animals in Asia… Sigh.

  3. Someone says:

    Pangolins don’t have teeth!!

  4. emma says:

    I might use this odd little criter for my science project. HE WOULD BE PERFECT!

  5. pechnique says:

    I’m using him for MY science project, fer sure!

  6. alec says:

    This is my coolest science project

  7. sam says:

    these have been my favorite animal ever since i was six. aren’t they just the cutest things?!

  8. Zeke says:

    Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom program about 30 years ago did a segment on this critter. This one was big enough to pull Marlin's side kick through the marsh at a full gallop. This man was at least 6' tall about 200 pounds. When the animal was tuckered out it stopped, turned around, stood erect at about 5 foot tall, and held out his two muscular front legs brandishing 6 inch claws.

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