From the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Website

Here is the Executed Offenders list.  It goes back as far as 1982 with a total of 397 executions.   Their last statements are included.  It appears the youngest age of execution is 26.

This link provides you with gender and racial statistics of death row offenders.


This link will tell you how many executions happened per year.  The most executions in one year is 40 in the year 2000.

The Offenders No Longer on Death Row page is an interesting read.  You see such things as:

  • Death by suicide.
  • Conviction reversed.
  • Murdered by another offender.

  • Died natural causes (heart attack).
  • Sentence reduced to life.
  • Died of natural causes (complications of HIV-1 infection and late stage AIDS).

The county with most executed offenders would be Harris (282).  That’s the Houston area.  Dallas comes in second with 95.  Link

I took a quick look at the Media Witness List.   Mike Graczyk sure has attended a lot of executions.

Some fact from the Death Row Facts page.

  • Hanging was means of execution between 1819 and 1923.
  • Prior to 1923, Texas counties were responsible for their own executions.
  • State of Texas executed brothers on six occasions.
  • A total of 361 inmates were electrocuted in the State of Texas.
  • Cost per execution for drugs used : $86.08.
  • Average time on death row prior to execution: 10.26 years.

This page will tell you the dress code to enter the facilities (no shorts) and a list of items not allowed (tobacco).

For death row facts from 1923-1972, click here.

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