FREE to Good Homes: A Spanking Paddle

roadsidepaddles.jpegJoey often parks along busy roads and puts out his sign for FREE Paddles. If you live close enough stop by and visit him. He will give you a paddle with instructions. Unfortunately most of us don’t go by that way so he found that he could send a paddle anywhere in the United States for only $5.75. Some deliveries may cost less. Any difference will be applied when more postage is required..


And then there’s this . . .

To help your child understand that you love them and that the spanking is because of their behavior, have the child fill out an appointment form. It is important that the child writes down the behavior that needs to be changed.


For maximum effect:
  • Have the child tell you the reason they are being punished.
  • Parent should wait one minute between each swat.
  • Apply no more than 5 swats per day.
  • Spank only on the rump.
  • Child must be wearing clothes.
  • Use force sufficient only to get the child’s attention.
  • Support child’s torso so no stress can be placed on their spine

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3 Responses to FREE to Good Homes: A Spanking Paddle

  1. Jamie says:

    Enter text right here!This is a great idea, but Joey's instructions don't call for as many swats as I would generally give.

  2. tyler says:

    for some of the stuff, is embarasment a punishment too? i mean come one its like the child is being asked to fill out an opointment like they are saying they want to be spanked. in the future if this is repeated, it could leave them with unwanted feelings.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Does he still do this

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