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This is called Tasmanian Rain.

11622413623041210194708.jpegTASMANIAN RAIN is rainwater is captured on the pristine north west coast of the island of Tasmania, Australia. The water is collected just minutes of where the World Meteorological Organization records the world’s purest air. The rain, has traveled eastward via air currents over Antarctica and 10,000 miles of ocean. As a result, TASMANIAN RAIN contains only 17 parts per million of dissolved solids.

TASMANIAN RAIN is collected by a custom-designed catchment facility, and never touches the ground.

TASMANIAN RAIN is bottled in glass in order to protect the product purity, because glass is completely recyclable, and because of how it looks on the fine dining table.

A case of 12 bottles of Tasmanian Rain will cost you $59.

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  1. MToots says:

    I think UTNG may be getting an idea for Christmas presents!!

  2. masculine and peppery, with a hint of oak and septic

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