Even W wears cros


Yet another reason for me to continue to avoid them.

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5 Responses to Even W wears cros

  1. Cajun Pastor says:

    Do those socks have the Presidential seal on them? I think they do! That’s funny!!

    Now, about the Crocs… you’re not going to wear them because W. has them? Why stop with Crocs, Keith? Why not just quit wearing shoes altogether? W. wears shoes, so isn’t that just another reason for you not to wear them?

    One thing’s for sure: you now have another reason not to wear socks with the Presidential seal on them!

  2. moldintexas says:

    dude…it’s not worth NOT having them…they are THAT comfortable…and beside…you have any other shoes that are easy to clean by putting them in the dishwasher?

    I suggest that you embrace the greatness but, reserve a slight amount of regret and bitterness for not having bought the stock about a year ago.

    I know I sure do. Well…gotta go, I have to put on my Software Trainer seal socks for my next mountain bike ride.

  3. Richard Bone says:

    Good God, the president should never look like he is heading off to eat breakfast at the Waffle House.


  4. Cowboys Homer says:

    Crocs on men belong in an episode of Gay Not Gay.

  5. MToots says:

    Funny looking? YES! Politically incorrect? I don’t know.
    But, comfortable? You bet!!!

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