Dallas man’s walking stick reaches Vatican via Bush

0610sticks.jpegI automatically thought of Mr Eko from Lost while reading this.

Also, does this mean that W is a re-gifter?

DALLAS – Roosevelt Wilkerson works alone in a cluttered one-room apartment atop an East Dallas laundry room.

The surroundings may be humble, but Mr. Wilkerson’s fame now extends to the Vatican.

On Saturday, President Bush presented Pope Benedict XVI with one of Mr. Wilkerson’s hand-carved walking sticks inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

“I’m just dumbfounded,” said Mr. Wilkerson, 62. “It’s a big honor to me. I don’t know what to say.”

President Bush, who owns two of the sticks, included one of Mr. Wilkerson’s creations in a gift exchange with the pope. Reporters covering the meeting heard Mr. Bush describe the stick as “a piece of art by a former homeless man from Texas … Dallas.”

“The Ten Commandments?” the pope asked.

“The Ten Commandments, yes, sir,” the president replied.

Mr. Bush received his first stick from Mr. Wilkerson a decade ago when he was Texas governor.

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