Blinded By Faith

Amal Nassif believed 17-year-old Francesca Zackey when she said the Virgin Mary would appear if Nassif gazed into the sun.

Now 37-year-old Nassif, a devout Catholic, may be blind for life.

She went to Zackey – the Benoni girl who claims to have repeatedly seen the mother of Jesus – to receive a blessing.

Now she says at least four other people also damaged their eyes after being told “the lady” would spin the sun and confirm her presence to her believers.

On Monday, a distraught Nassif went for treatment to renowned eye doctor Percy Amoils.

He operated on Nelson Mandela and last year received the Order of Mapungubwe, the country’s highest honour.

Amoils was horrified at what he saw.

“This is an absolute disaster and a tragedy,” he fumed

“I am shattered. Apparently this has happened to other people, and must be exposed.”

According to Amoils, the sun’s rays burnt Nassif’s eyes in the same way they burn a piece of paper when focused through a magnifying glass.

Her central vision, which allows a person to focus in on certain items, is “severely damaged” in both eyes.

“Let’s hope that God is kind to her and she recovers,” he said.

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