Benny Hinn and Tourette’s

benny-hinn.jpegIt’s Friday night and Benny’s in the house – the house of God – and in Benny’s house no kids are allowed in the aisles, no talking during the anointing and, apart from an occasional “amen” and “hallelujah”, no chatter permitted at all.

And that’s without exceptions, as one woman apparently suffering from Tourette’s syndrome discovered when she was rudely ushered out of Benny’s house, Auckland’s Vector Arena.

“Shut up. You cannot be speaking when I am preaching. Nobody can do that here. We cannot allow people to be speaking back to me when I am ministering the word,” Hinn yelled.


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One Response to Benny Hinn and Tourette’s

  1. bpat says:

    He is a prime example of what is wrong with organized religon

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