Another Texas Governor Wearing His Religion On His Sleeve

govgoodhairafsadfs.jpgPerry recently shared about his life as governor of Texas in an interview with’s president and CEO, Bill Cooper. Politically conservative, privately prayerful, and openly proud of his family, Perry has much to share about how being in the public arena as representation of twenty-three million people plays into his daily life. Perry spoke openly about his job, keeping his family a priority, and about how his beliefs on faith play into his role as the very public and out-front governor of Texas.

Pulling his faith into his very public life is an opportunity for Perry to demonstrate his Christianity in his daily life. Perry considers his faith both a public and private affair. He told ChristiaNet, “Faith is both a private thing and a very public thing for me–private in the sense that every morning I get up and read a little Scripture. You’ll appreciate that I get a daily Scripture lesson off the Internet. It’s called “God’s Promises,” and it gets to my e-mail everyday by six o’clock in the morning. It’s a way to take time to be quiet and listen to what God has to say.” In further explanation about how his faith is public, Perry said, “Faith in a public way is how my wife and I live our lives-how we express our Christian faith in our acts. So, everyday we publicly display and privately absorb our Christian beliefs.”


Maybe those folks will forget about his “Adios” moment:

Adios Mofo from boycottsocie on Vimeo

But if that doesn’t work, at least we know he can outrun a propane mower.

Be prepared to see Governor Good-Hair as the GOP vice-presidential candidate.

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