Anniversary Dinner Date

I remember my father telling me that if I ever got a chance to eat at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House that was something that I really needed to take advantage of.  Well, since today was our anniversary, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to wine and dine WifeGeeding and to honor my late father in a weird sort of way that probably only makes sense to me.

For some of you long time readers, you know I use to do a Geeding Restaurant Review; but since this blog has become more global than local, I didn’t think it would be relevant to most of my readers.  So consider this a mini-reprise of the Geeding Restaurant Review but with a lot less detail.

This adventure first started when I checked out their website and found out I could make an online reservation.  I was able to choose a time that was two hours away, and choose a reason for my dining experience – Anniversary.

When we arrived and got past the valet parking, we checked in with the hostess who promptly wished us a happy anniversary.  The atmostphere was very warm and cozy, with a relaxed sorta feel.  Windows faced a pretty creek, and you can hear a piano coming from the bar.

There were several specials on the menu, but if you are eating a place known for steaks, you’re gonna eat a friggin’ steak for your first visit.  Their menu relected their love for potatos, as there were about six different varieties.  But when it came down to veggies, there were only three choices I could remember, asparagus, broccoli and spinach.

What one needs to remember when ordering a steak at fine steak restaurant, that is one that serves the steak on a very hot plate (500 degress – no joke), you need to order it one level lighter than you normally would order it.  Since the plate is scorching hot, your steak continues to cook when it’s served to you.  If it happens to be a tad bit undercooked, you have your plate to finish it off for you.

When our steak was served, it looked like absolute perfection.  The outside was noticably seared – the way it should be to seal in all the juices.  We are both filet minot fans, and our steak was about 3 inches thick.  It was one of the most tender pieces of meat I ever cut, and one of the most flavorful.  Some steaks have a lot of seasoning, and some are covered in some kind of sauce.  Ruth’s Chris chooses to use only salt, pepper, and butter.  When cooking a steak correctly, that’s all you really need, and they certainly know how to cook a steak.  Each bite was moist and full of flavor, tender, and consisted of a little crunch because of the seared outside.  When all was said and done, it may have been the best steak I have ever eaten.  I’ve eaten at Bob’s Steak and Chop House, Three Forks, Del Friscos, Outback, and Denny’s – so I know what I’m talking about.

The manager came by our table and wished us a happy anniversary and asked if this was our first visit.  Since it was, a special dessert was prepared for us free of charge.  It was a milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate cake decorated with fruit, white chocolate with little raspberry heart icing, and some type of pudding with homemade whipped cream.  Darn good stuff, and it tastes even better when it’s free.  I have a picture, but I’m too lazy to upload it right now.

Regarding the kind of service we had, it was exceptional.  Everytime I was talked to, I was referred to as Mr. Geeding, and the first time she said my name she wanted to make sure she said it correct. 

If you are a steak lover and looking for a fantastic steak, Ruth’s Chris needs to be on your list.  They may not have a lot sides and veggies, but you don’t come here to eat sides and veggies, you come Ruth’s Chris to eat steak.  The only other observation I would like to note is that the crowd seemed to be that of an older generation.

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  1. moldintexas says:

    Ruth’s Chris is the only Steak I truly long for…others are good, some even excellent, but bar-none it’s the only superbly excellent one out there…and I am a fat-@$$ so I know what I am talking about…

    Best thing about Ruth’s Chris…it’s international…

    Want some great Prime Rib and more excellent service…try out Lawry’s

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