Angry Angry Hippo



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2 Responses to Angry Angry Hippo

  1. morris may says:

    The man who was running was a Hok! Hok is Chinese for black.
    So that Hok is being chased down by my mom! I am Jewish.
    As a Jew, not only do I know chinese, but I know Yidish. Yidish is the language of the German Jews. I hate Hitler! The Yiddish word for Hok is Schwartza! =D SHCHWARTZA!

  2. morris may says:

    What would happen if the same thing was happening to this man, but only it was a fat woman instead of a hippo.

    P.S., I am so so so so sorry for that comment That was sent by my name! That was not me! My racist and idiotic friend started using my name and wrote that comment!

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