A Zorse

Meet Eclyse – an animal that looks like it was assembled in one of those dodgy garages where they weld halves of two stolen cars together.

But Eclyse isn’t the result of some crazed Doctor Dolittle with a god complex. It’s a zorse – a zebra/horse hybrid, born on a ranch in Germany. And she’s the product of a holiday romance.

While most zorses have stripes across their whole body, Eclyse only has two blocks of stripes – on her face and her rear.

The pure white areas she gets from her mother, a horse called Eclipse. Eclipse’s owners sent her to a ranch in Italy for a while – where she met a rugged, handsome zebra called Ulysses.

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3 Responses to A Zorse

  1. zil says:

    its like a ZDONK

  2. Ria says:

    .Poor baby.

  3. ashley moore says:

    OMG i want that horse its beautiful!!!

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