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Trulia Hindsight

Trulia Hindsight is an animated map of homes in the United States from Trulia. The animations use the year the properties were built to show the growth of streets, neighborhoods and cities over time.

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Dramatic Look

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Update on the AT&T $10 DSL

One of my readers left an informative comment on yesterday’s post: AT&T quietly offers $10 DSL plan. He talks about his frustration with customer service, being routed to India, and other ‘entertaining’ stuff. One man’s pain is another man’s entertainment. … Continue reading

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Doggie Nap

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Ghost Ads of NYC

Advertisements for long-forgotten businesses can still be found in NYC. Some ads last over fifty years longer than the products they advertised did! They’re especially plentiful in the older sections of the city, though they can be found anywhere. This … Continue reading

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Worm found in woman, after 27 years

DUTCH doctors treating a woman for a badly inflamed colon were stunned to discover that the cause was a tropical parasitic worm that had probably infected her at least 27 years earlier. Full Article

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Wanted: Space Experiment Volunteers

The European Space Agency (ESA) on Tuesday called for applications for one of the most demanding human experiments in space history: a simulated trip to Mars in which six “astronauts” will spend 17 months in an isolation tank on Earth. … Continue reading

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Save Suzanne Butts

I know stealing is wrong, but so is humilating a person as the Marshalltown police and court system have done to this woman! Even the police spokesperson could not keep his professionalism during his 5 minutes of fame, which is … Continue reading

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