Couple find dead bat in breakfast cereal

A couple in the west Sweden town of Tanum got a most unwelcome free gift in their breakfast cereal on Friday.

As Kerstin Nilsson and Ingemar Hansson poured out a healthy bowl of Kelloggs All Bran, out plopped a bat. A 4 centimetre long, shrivelled-up English bat.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes,” the couple told local paper Bohusläningen.

“But there it was, a stone-dead, dried-up bat. It was really disgusting. We lost our apetites immediately. You’ve got to wonder how it got there.”

Kelloggs is wondering the same thing, and promised to take the matter seriously. The company sent a representative up to Tanum to take charge of the packaging, the cereal and the bat.

“The packet will be sent back to the factory in England where it was produced. We obviously want to know how the bat ended up in the cereal,” said a spokesman for Kelloggs.

Fearing that the bat could have been carrying some kind of disease, the couple also contacted their local environmental health department.

An official took away a sample for testing.


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