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The 5 Second Rule Tested

A pair of biology seniors at Connecticut College decided to test the oft-cited maxim that food that sits less than five seconds on a floor remains safe to eat. They used a well-traveled section of the college cafeteria; apple slices … Continue reading


Thom Browne Spring 2007 Collection

And it’s not a joke.  However, this might make my metrosexual friend Jim happy. Link

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So far my theory still proves correct

No, it’s not my Acura theory (which also happens to be true BTW), it’s the other one.  It’s no secret that I have a high disdain for a cetain college in Waco, Texas whose colors happen to be green and gold.  … Continue reading


I’m enticed by the new Disney movie ‘Enchanted’

In an animated fairy tale world, a young girl meets and falls in love with the handsome prince of her dreams. News of this romance upsets the prince’s mother, the evil queen, who uses her black magic to send the … Continue reading

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Ten Coolest NFL Landmarks

I was a bit surprised that the hole in the roof at Texas Stadium was #1. Link

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Rights not violated in home search, justices rule

WASHINGTON — Mistakes sometimes happen when police conduct home searches, the Supreme Court said Monday in throwing out a lawsuit brought by a white couple in Southern California who were rousted from bed and held naked at gunpoint by deputies … Continue reading

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Slow Motion of Water Balloon Not Popping

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I was not aware

That October 5 is the most popular date Americans are born and May 22 is the least common birthday. Source

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