At Shuttered Casino, $17,000 Is Found in Crevices of Slots

It was the equivalent of reaching under the couch cushions and finding a dollar or so in loose change. In the case of the former Sands Hotel and Casino here, though, the take was more than $17,000. That is what had fallen under or around its slot machines over the past 26 years. The casino was closed in November, and it will be torn down later this year to make way for a $1.5 billion gambling hall to rival the plush, and successful, Borgata. When workers began removing the 2,350 slot machines for use at other casinos owned by the Sands’ parent company, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., they expected to find some stray cash.

But just how much was a surprise: $17,193.34, to be exact. The take included coins, casino tokens and even a $100 bill.

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